New Trailer Series


Stoughton Lease locations are proud to offer the full line of new Stoughton Trailers.

Stoughton Lease is the only rental and leasing company associated with a major van trailer manufacturer, Stoughton Trailers. Stoughton Trailers’ experience in the market, combined with thousands of satisfied fleet and owner/operator customers, provides a unique perspective on the design, engineering and manufacture of dry van trailers to meet the demands of today’s transportation industry.

We understand ownership can be quite costly. There are maintenance and repair costs that are unavoidable. Stoughton Lease offers a rental solution for all transportation providers.

We offer a fleet maintenance program that will take the worry out of transport. Our semi trailers are maintained and compliant to ensure that your freight is delivered safely. If an ownership option is desired, Stoughton Trailers Acceptance Company (STAC) 3 offers in-house financing services.

Once we understand your specific requirements, we will determine if a stock unit is adequate or if Stoughton Trailers’ design engineers will need to design a unit that is specific to your needs.

Our knowledge of the way trailers are designed and our attention to detail helps Stoughton Lease provide the best possible dry van for your fleet.  Contact Stoughton Lease when you are looking for dry van trailers for sale.


Aluminum Sheet and Post Van

Aluminum Sheet and Post—Extra Wide Van

3 STAC is a wholly owned and independently operated subsidiary of STI Holdings, Inc.
Z-Plate® is a registered trademark of STI Holdings, Inc.