Grain Hopper

Hopper & Grain Trailer

Stoughton Platinum Series Grain Trailers have been recently redesigned to include more value-adding features and greater durability to provide years and years of dependable service. Our grain hopper trailers are designed and built for rugged reliability. Stoughton Grain Trailers come in a variety of sizes ranging from 900 to 1550 bushel capacity. Additionally, 96" or 102" wide models are available in several lengths. Packed with features, Stoughton grain haulers help make even the biggest jobs easier.


Standard features include:


-All Stoughton Steel Parts including Coupler and Suspension Frame - HOT DIPPED GALVANIZED
-JOST A441 Galvanized Landing Gear
-Easy Opening 2 Stage Hopper Doors
-34 Degree Hopper Slope for Faster Cleanouts
-2 Rows of 7 LED 40' & 42' / 2 Rows of 3 on 34' - Lifetime Parts Warranty on All Truck-Lite LED lights. 

-AAR Rated Kingpin

Stoughton Grain Trailers are available with Black or White aluminum side walls. All grain trailers come standard with Diamond Core Shur-Co tarps. Please see our Video for more details on our dependable hopper trailers.



  • Base Model (40' Specs listed below. 34',40' and 42' models available. Contact sales for additional information) 
    Aluminum Ag Hopper Van - 40’ x 68", tandem axle
  • Length
    Overall - 40’-0" (34' & 42' models available)
  • Width
    Overall - 96", 102" width available in 42' length
  • Height
    Overall of 68" Model- 10’-4" based from top of tarp bows with 48" 5th wheel height
  • Overall of 74" Model- 10'-10" based from top of tarp bows with 48" 5th wheel height
  • Capacity
    20,000 lb brake rating per axle
    1,100 bushel capacity
  • Suspension
    Holland CBX23 air ride mounted to an aluminum suspension subframe, spring ride option available
    Manual dump value and pressure gauge in box
  • Axle
    (2) 5.75" diameter axles with tapered spindles 
  • Brakes
    Extended service brakes
    16-1/2" x 7" air with Haldex automatic slack adjusters, 3030 brake chambers
    Meritor Wabco 2S/1M ABS
  • Wheels
    22.5 x 8.25 hub-piloted steel disc - prepainted white
    Polished outers/unpolished inners
  • Lubrication
    Axle hubs are packed with lifetime grease
  • Tires
    (8) 11R22.5
    PSI: 90 / 620 KPa
    GAWR: 20,000
    GVWR: 70,000
  • Landing Gear
    Holland Atlas 55 with Black Armor Finish   
    Hex socket style crank located roadside
    Location from front: 110"
  • Suspension Subframe
    Fixed location - aluminum subframe, steel option available
  • Upper Coupler
    5" deep coupler with full width 1/4" lower plates
    AAR rated king pin located 20" from front
  • Lower Rail
    Extruded aluminum   
  • Front Wall
    Pre-painted white .063" aluminum front panels
    Ladder and walk board (platform)
    Centered mounted electrical and air connections     
    Stainless steel front corner panels
  • Side Walls
    Pre-painted white .050" corrugated aluminum panels
    12" on center extruded aluminum
  • Upper Rail
    Extruded aluminum
  • Roof
    Open top with truss-style galvanized pipe tarp bows
    Shurco Shur-Lok tarp (black) with aluminum end caps
  • Rear Wall   
    .050" pre-painted white aluminum with ladder and walk board (platform)
  • Lining
    Sides: .050" aluminum
  • Mud flaps
    24" wide anti-sail
  • Painting & Coating 
    Natural white walls
  • Painted black coupler
  • Undercoated rear suspension components and galvanized steel parts
  • Hopper
    29" x 31" trap with 24" ground clearance
    .125" thick aluminum funnel and .080" aluminum upper slope sheets
    Stainless steel 2 stage trap
  • Work area lights (LED)  
  • Side Marker Lights 
  • 2 rows of 7 LED lights on each side (with lifetime warranty)