Quality Guarantee

Unlike some other manufacturers, the quality personnel at Stoughton are not merely at the end our assembly line.

Our quality department monitors and assists in all aspects of the value stream to ensure procedures are consistently followed and product is correct every step of the way. This provides a quality departmental presence while assembly occurs and avoids the pitfalls other competitors fall into by "end of line inspections" where issues may not be identified as areas are covered up or when the issue is identified, it may have already been repeated on other units.

The Difference is Quality doesn’t apply to just surface appearance; it also extends into how the trailer is put together. Our quality monitors review and audit procedures to ensure the consistency of the assembly process and the equipment. Our quality department also oversees our Methods Improvement Department (MID). The responsibilities of the MID are to develop, implement and follow through on lean manufacturing practices while facilitating continuous improvement. Involvement by the quality department in these programs ensures that any changes are value added while continuously improving the overall quality of the Stoughton product.

At Stoughton the quality department is "in the trenches" and working side by side with our assembly personnel. This close contact allows Stoughton employees to quickly address, resolve and eliminate problems before those problems surface on a customer’s trailer. Our In-Line Quality Management Program (ILQMP) was developed to monitor "Quality at the Source" in addition to end of line inspection. The in-line monitors work directly with shop floor Managers and shop floor personnel in problem solving, process improvement and finding economical solutions at the source.

In addition to our normal Quality programs, we are flexible. Working in concert with our customer base, our Quality programs can be specifically structured to comply with your requirements.

In addition to working as a team with the entire manufacturing unit as well as our customers, our quality department also participates in the following:

  • All Quality personnel are FHWA tested and certified on a continual basis. Our end of line inspection is responsible for all FHWA required tests and inspections in addition to our own and customer specified final inspection requirements.
  • Every unit is tested for electrical, air, ABS and brake response compliance.
  • All Stoughton trailers are leak tested to ensure that all seams are properly fitted and there are no leaks, which could allow moisture or other contaminants to enter the trailer
  • Computerized torque equipment is used on all critical fastener and assembly operations of the suspension. The process produces a hard copy and system record of actual torque values. This information becomes part of the unit history packet as the unit travels through the manufacturing process and quality inspections.
  • Every Stoughton trailer is aligned using Hunter Alignment equipment. This insures that every suspension is perfectly aligned when the trailer leaves our facilities.

At Stoughton, quality is not limited to one department but rather the responsibility of the entire Stoughton team as it applies to everything we do. The quality department facilitates initiatives to continue to provide a superior product to our customers and to continuously improve all aspects of Stoughton Trailers. It is in Stoughton’s commitment to excellence that customers will find The Difference is Quality.

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