Z-Plate® Dry Vans from Stoughton Trailers, LLC

Z-Plate® Composite TRAILERS

Stoughton’s revolutionary Z-Plate® vans are built from composite laminate panels. These unique, patented poly-laminate panels are manufactured using epoxy-coated inner and outer galvanized steel skin for superior durability even in the most demanding applications. If repairs are required, Stoughton’s Z-Plate® panel design allows for easy panel replacement without requiring the removal of adjoining panels common with other plate trailer designs. This means less time in the shop and more time on the road.

Stoughton’s Z-Plate® dry vans feature solid, full-width oak floors, extra wide extruded aluminum scuff rails, and the unique recessed splice plate with “A” slots for better cargo control using any standard cargo restraint system.

For a detailed look check out our video to see all the great features of our 53 foot Z-Plate trailer.

  • Base Model

    ZGPVW-535T-S-C-AR (Z-plate, G-Bond plate van, Extra Wide, Hi-Cube, 53 ft, No. 5 height, Tandem, Slider, Air-Ride)
  • Length

    Overall - 53’-0"
  • Width

    Overall - 102"

    Inside - 101"
  • Height

    Overall - 13’-6" based on 47" 5th wheel height

    Inside front - 110"

    Inside rear - 110"

    Door opening - 109-7/8"

    Dock height - 49-1/2"
  • Capacity

    20,000 lb brake rating per axle, 27.5 ton payload   
  • Suspension

    Trailing arm style air suspension with an external dock lock to minimize dock walk
  • Axle

    6" tapered spindles and bearings with Pro-Torq axle nuts
  • Brakes

    Extended service brakes, quick change, 16-1/2" x 7", non-asbestos, meets requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 121 and filtered air couplers. 

  • Wheels and Hubs

     5 hand hole and steel powder coated white, 10 stud hubs piloted with cast iron drums, 11-1/4" bolt circle
  • Oil Seals 
  • 6-year guaranteed performance system with grease.   
  • Tires
  • as requested  

    Landing Gear and Landing Gear Subframe

    2 Speed vertical square legs with 10" cushion foot, crank on roadside.

    Wide inside-type mounting, longitudinal mounting channels spanning five cross members with cross, fore and aft diagonal bracing and cross channel braced
  • Suspension Subframe

    4-pin slider type with hot rolled 80,000 min. yield wide slide rails for 62" AFT location to 150" FWD location. 
  • Upper Coupler   

    S.A.E. king pin, cross-head type, AAR rated built into structure, 3-1/2" shallow hi-tensile sandwich unitized with full width upper and lower plated and internal reinforcements
  • Crossmember

    80,000 lb min. yield. Shallow area ahead of landing gear uses (3) hat-shaped heavy duty members. Landing gear, center bay area and area over slide rails use 4" I-Beam, 12" on center.   

  • Lower Rail

    Extruded aluminum, 6061-T6
  • Floor

    1-3/8" nominal laminated oak from rear sill forward, butted to king-pin subframe (smooth steel 52" for forward area) fastened with 3 x 2 x 3 pattern of staggered screws per board/per cross member.  Rear threshold plate with forward edge beveled into floor
  • Front Wall

    .125" natural aluminum beveled corners, prepainted .050 aluminum front panels, (6) 16 Ga. 2-1/2" deep galvanized steel posts with heavy duty lower sill across front and around corners
  • Side Walls

     Pre-painted white composite side panels with prepainted white outer splice plates riveted with 1/4" dia. aluminum rivets on 1 1/2" centers to panel and 14 Ga. galvanized steel inner splice plate with 6" on center vertical "A" slots
  • Upper Rail

    Extruded aluminum, 6061-T6
  • Roof

    18 Ga. galvanized bows, 24"/16"/24" on center, hat shape, 1-1/16" dep w 3/4" crown, .040" one piece aluminum sheet edge hemmed over upper rail and riveted to outside.
  • Rear Frame

     2" x 4" x 3/16" tubular steel corner posts welded rigid to 1-1/4" heavy duty shallow header and 11-3/8" lower sill and threshold member. 
  • Rear Doors

    1/2" composite door, dual durometer PVC gaskets, four  2-3/4" wide extruded aluminum hinges and one lock bar per door, loop style door hold backs
  • Lining

    Exterior grade plywood or dymond ply. 1/4" x 96" high, installed horizontally.    

  • Electrical

    12 volt system, 7-way socket with stop/tail, directional, license, applicable marker, clearance, and conspicuity per DOT/FMV Safety Std. No. 108. Combination center marker and turn signal. Return ground on all lights.  five light rear header, marker/clearance light on front corners. LED lights throughout with harnesses for lifetime solution
  • Bumper

    Corner bars, cross-channel and light guards welded rigid to rear sill

    Bolt on rear impact guard with bolt on anti-skid horizontal member with 4 vertical posts for added safety.   

    Meets DOT requirements.  (2) black polyurethane dock bumpers on rear
  • Mudflaps

    24" wide anti-sail
  • Painting

    Understructure undercoated prepainted white front panels, side panels and doors. Steel body parts are grit blasted, primed with 2-part epoxy primer and finished with a 2-part modified acrylic enamel.  Optional hot-dip galvanized finish available.