Stoughton Trailers is a company that is committed to our community.  They are major sponsors for our events, and they also share their business experience and expertise which in turn helps other local businesses grow. They are sincere partners for our community and our businesses.  Stoughton Trailers is a true gift to our community.

Sarah Ebert, President - Stoughton Chamber of Commerce 

My brother Trevor and I have both worked here at Stoughton Trailers for a long time.  I started on the line and worked in many roles.  Today I manage a key area that helps in the success of the company. My brother, Trevor, also works here as a Manager.

We have seen the company grow tremendously – but the growth and success of the company is not what makes Stoughton Trailers such a great company. What makes Stoughton Trailers a great company is how they treat their employees. They treat us like family. 

Greg Dybevik, Intermodal Chassis Sales Manager -Stoughton Trailers

Stoughton Trailers gives us a sense of community and helps make Stoughton a great place to work, live and raise a family. Stoughton Trailers is so supportive of the things that make Stoughton such a special place. Our community is so fortunate to have Stoughton Trailers as a partner in our success.

Tim Swadley, Mayor - City of Stoughton

Stoughton Trailers and the Wahlin Foundation have donated more than $5 million dollars to support local non-profits, numerous youth teams, and countless community events.  Stoughton Trailers always has, and always will, support the city we call “home”. I am proud to work at Stoughton Trailers.

Ron Jake, Marketing Director - Stoughton Trailers

Stoughton Trailers’ support of our Fab Lab, music, arts, band, and sports programs, makes Stoughton Trailers and integral part of our school’s success - making Stoughton a GREAT place to raise a family, work, and live.

Dr. Dan Keyser, Superintendent - Stoughton Area School District

Stoughton Trailers is a great partner of ours and we thoroughly enjoy working with them. Ron and Audra are a strong marketing team, making every project we work on run seamlessly.

Denise Helmer, Corporate Sales Consultant - Econoprint

Stoughton Trailers is an amazing company to work with and we are proud to be one of their clothing and promo item vendors. We appreciate their streamlined and organized process for their company apparel store, their commitment to providing items for their employees makes workign with them a delight. 

Kari Beam, President - Trending Now Promotions