For over 55 years Stoughton Trailers has been serving the trucking industry with the highest quality trailers in the business. Stoughton believes that excellence through design, quality and customer service can be achieved by recognizing that “it’s in the details.” With the opening of Stoughton Rental and Leasing Company, LLC, STI Holdings has now increased it's commitment and level of service to you by the introduction of Stoughton LeaseTM trailer rental and leasing services.

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Tracking Now Available

Stoughton Lease is proud to announce that it is offering trailer tracking on both short and long term rental trailers. This value-added service allows you to:

  • Manage rentals more efficiently
  • Increase trailer utilization
  • Reduce insurance costs

All of this for no additional charge!

You Can have it all

It's been a long time since a trailer rental and leasing company had it "ALL GOING ON." New highly spec'd trailers, flexible rental and leasing terms, roadside assistance, and perhaps most importantly, a group of employees committed to improving your experience, when renting and leasing trailers.

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