Refrigerated Trailers from Stoughton Trailers, LLC

PureBlue Reefer Trailer

Stoughton's PureBlue refrigerated trailer is an innovative, conventionally designed trailer that is more thermally efficient, lighter weight, and safer than other competitive trailers on the road today. The use of bonded side posts reduces the number of holes in the sidewalls to aid in preventing moisture intrusion into the trailer. Composite framing used in the front wall and rear doors optimizes thermal efficiency and reduces overall weight, letting you haul more product. Minimizing air loss with a triple wiper seal on the rear doors helps protect your cargo from the elements.

Couple these features with Stoughton's focus on safety with the underride guard and already legendary durability, you can see why PureBlue is the refrigerated trailer that will set a new industry standard for performance.

For a detailed look, check out our video.