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Dry Van Trailer - Stoughton Trailers

Dry Vans

From engineering to assembly, Stoughton dry van trailers are designed to give your fleet a competitive advantage. We have several new dry van trailers for sale, but when you choose to buy from us, you get more than just a dry van trailer.

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Grain Trailer - Stoughton Trailers

Grain Trailers

Stoughton Platinum Series Grain Trailers have been recently redesigned to include more value-adding features and greater durability to provide years and years of dependable service. Our grain hopper trailers are designed and built for rugged reliability.

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Refrigerated Trailers

Stoughton's PureBlue refrigerated trailer is an innovative, conventionally designed trailer that is more thermally efficient, lighter weight, and safer than other competitive trailers on the road today. The use of bonded side posts reduces the number of holes in the sidewalls to aid in preventing moisture intrusion into the trailer.

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Intermodal Transport

Stoughton Trailers is an industry leader in transportation equipment manufacturing. Our Wisconsin intermodal chassis plants are located 100 short miles from the Chicagoland intermodal rail yard, providing convenient and cost effective delivery of new chassis products.

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If you are looking for durable and dependable dry-van truck trailers for sale to keep your fleet on the road, you’ve found the right place. To see how Stoughton Trailers can keep your fleet on the road longer than the competition, read more about the products, parts, and advantages we have to offer.

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