Dealers, Sales Team Attend Training for New PureBlue Refrigerated Trailer Line

October 25, 2017

Stoughton Trailers, LLC, is preparing for the sales launch of its new PureBlue refrigerated trailer line — which will hit the market in January 2018 — with a full day of training on Wednesday, October 25, at the company's Evansville, Wis. production facility.

About 40 people are participating in the training, including the Stoughton Trailers sales team, and company dealers from throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Stoughton Trailers Director of Engineering Todd Eicher is leading behind-the-scenes tours of the manufacturing facility to demonstrate the equipment and processes employed to build the new trailer product line. 

On Tuesday, the same group received training on Stoughton Trailers' new dry van product line at the Edgewater Hotel in Madison, Wis.


Stoughton Trailers developed PureBlue using proven components, customer input, thorough testing, and the same durability and value that customers have come to expect. These efforts will reduce maintenance and allow the trailer to maintain consistent temperatures.


PureBlue is one of the lightest-weight refrigerated trailers available today, but does not sacrifice strength. It delivers more thermal efficiency and safety than the competition, Eicher said. Notable features include:


   • an aluminum scuff and integral composite scuff liner to prevent damage while loading and unloading the trailer

   • a triple-wide seal door gasket to prevent water intrusion and minimize air loss to protect the interior of the trailer and the cargo from the elements

   • fully insulated in 360 degrees, with no voids or uneven areas, to boost thermal efficiency

   • no wood, which extends the life of the trailer


Click here to learn more about PureBlue.



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