Weekly Stock Runs

 Order Cut Off Day        Ship Day      Stock Run Name       Carrier       
 Monday (2pm) Tuesday Mid-Central (SMDC) STO Trucking
 Tuesday (2pm) Wednesday Minnesota (SMIN) STO Trucking
 Tuesday (2pm) Wednesday Michigan & Canada (SCAN) Harper Nelson
 Wednesday (2pm) Thursday Chicago (SCHI) STO Trucking
 Wednesday (2pm) Thursday Badger (SBAD) Badger Carrier
 Thursday (2pm)  Friday East (SEA) STO Trucking  
 Friday (2pm) Monday Southeast (SSE) STO Truckiing  


  • LTL – Typically ships next business day
  • TL – Schedule as needed. Typically need 3-5 days to pick and prepare order / shipment
  • UPS – Orders received before 2pm ship same day
  • SpeeDee – Orders received before Noon ship same day
  • Customer Pick-up (CPU) – Ready within 2-4 hours of order receipt (assuming product is available)
  • Live Load – Timing dependent on order size (CPU type in 2-4 hours, multiple items prefer 48 hours)