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A superior quality trailer floor starts with quality raw materials. Approximately 80% of all new laminated trailer flooring produced and sold each year are made from oak hardwood. Oak is considered the best performing and most desired by the majority of experienced fleet operators. In 1978, Havco set a goal: To manufacture the finest oak hardwood flooring for trailers, truck bodies and containers. Now, over 35 years later, Havco has become the industry leader. Made from 100% Oak hardwood, Havco Oak floors are more than just strong- they're decay-resistant and offer better nailability over maple according to the US Forest Service

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100% Oak. 100% Havco®.

Total quality starts with the best quality raw materials. And oak is the only high-volume hardwood in North America that combines all of the desirable attributes necessary to make a high quality dependable trailer floor.

Why is oak better? It’s strong and long lasting. Time after time, 100% Havco oak floors have proven to be the best and most reliable trailer floors in road service. Today, an overwhelming majority (80%) of wood flooring used in the van trailer industry is oak.

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Fusion Floor - Strength You Can See

Fusion Floor by Havco® is the next generation of composite flooring. It fuses together the durability of oak with our signature red glass fiber-reinforced composite underside. The end result is a trailer floor that’s guaranteed for over 10 years of rugged everyday use.

Fusion Floor is more than a triumph of materials engineering – it’s also the fulfillment of a vision: Create a composite floor for trailers that is lighter, stronger and longer lasting than anything else on the market. And Havco has the numbers to back it up: Fusion Floor is rated for up to 35,000 lbs. of lift truck load while remaining lightweight – up to 360 lbs. lighter for a 53 ft. trailer than a traditional hardwood floor.

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Havco Floor Shield

Extended Service Life with Floor Shield

Floor Shield by Havco® protects your floor and extend their service life. Developed for superior moisture protection on the topside of all your floors. Floor Shield by Havco can be factory-applied on your new floors or field-applied on your existing floors in service. Havco's exclusive floor treatment is water-based, making it environmentally preferred. It's also virtually odorless and contains no VOCs. Applying Floor Shield by Havco is easy even in the confined space of trailers. It also dries quickly and tack-free. That means less downtime for your fleet.

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