Phillips Industries is the leading global solution provider of advanced OEM and Aftermarket electrical and air brake equipment for the trucking industry. Phillips’ product range includes; Complete Back-of-Cab PAK (Power Air Kit) Connection Systems, ABS/NON-ABS Electrical Cables, Liftgate Cables, Electrical Sockets and Plugs, Socketbreakers, Noseboxes and Power Management Units, Electrical Harness Systems, Trailer Lighting, Air Coils, Rubber Air Lines, Gladhands, and much more.

Since 1928, Phillips Industries has been dedicated to helping provide its customers with high quality and reliable products, working to push the boundaries of innovation to keep trucks on the road.

Phillips' leadership in quality and innovation has been recognized by numerous industry awards. Phillips has certification of the coveted industry-wide ISO 9001 as well as ISO 14001, TS 16949 and BS OHSAS 18001. Phillips Industries has manufacturing and distribution facilities in the U.S. and Canada, as well as in Mexico, China, and Europe. To learn more about these innovations, visit

Fleet Focus Product Solutons

The Phillips QCP PAK (Quick Change Plug-Power Air Kit) is a Fleet's complete Turn-Key Back-of-Cab Air/Electric Connection System. This All in One Kit includes Phillips' patented Quick Change Plug, Factory Installed anodized Gladhands on the 3in1 Assembly, and two Heavy Duty Tender Springs which feature the patented QWIK Clamp. When installed properly, the PAK delivers significant cost savings to a fleet and represents the best opportunity to last the full life cycle of the truck. Packaged within a pristine retail box that makes it ideal within a front parts areas, the PAK has quickly become the #1 moving SKU for Philips Industries in 2021.

power air kit

Part No Description
30-215429 12' QCP PAK
30-217429 15' QCP PAK

Engineered Solutons for Back‐of‐Cab Air/Electric Suspension

X-Tend™ Tracker Bar (Day Cab and Sleeper)

A Fleet's inexpensive insurance policy for limiting Back-of-Cab damage from air/electric lines. This toolless install product brings the air/electric lines out ~12" from the back of the tractor's cab, minimizing damage such as paint chips, blemishes, dents, etc.

X-tend Tracker Bar
Day Cab
Part No Description
17-3500 3/4" Tracker Bar
17-3501 1" Tracker Bar
Part No Description
17-3000 3/4" Tracker Bar
17-3001 1" Tracker Bar


Patented by Phillips Industries, the QWIK-Clamp was designed to be toolless installation, making it very quick, easy, and hassle-free for fleet to adjust and/or install along its air/electric assemblies. This virtually indestructible clamp is very versatile, as it comes complete with an insert for coiled or straight lines, or simply remove the insert to install a 3in1 assembly.

Part No Description
17-180 W/ Insert
17-3001 W/OUT Insert

HD Tender Spring with QWIK-ClampTM

Designed exclusively to support the weight of a 3in1 assembly, the heavy gauge spring design retains excellent coil memory, especially in those aggressive tractor/trailer jackknife maneuvers.

HD Tender Spring with QWIK-Clamp
Part No Description
17-1481 20.5" HD Spring
17-1482 25" HD Spring

Dual Pole Weather‐Tite Charging Solutons—Game Changing Design!

Industry First - M2 Dual Pole Charging Cords with Over Molded Plug Ends

Top 3 M2 Charging Cord Design Advantages
  • Weather-Proof Plug End Design: Virtually indestructible over molded plug housing to either 2GA or 4GA cable. Prevents moisture intrusion into electrical system.
  • Moisture Blocking Seal: Weather-Tite™ blue seal minimizes moisture and contaminant from entering the electrical system through the coupled connection.
  • Heavy Duty Jacketing: Flexible from –82°F to 195°F (-63°C to -91°C) with robust chemical and abrasion resistance.

Metal Sockets and Plugs are no match to the Phillips M2 Charging Cord Design

metal sockets

dual pole charging cords

M2 Coiled Dual Pole Cord – 4GA (1 Ground / 1 Hot)
Part No Description
23-27276 12’ Coiled x 12”
23-26276 15’ Coiled x 12”
23-29276 15’ Coiled x 12”/48"
M2 Straight Dual Pole Cord – 4GA (1 Ground / 1 Hot)
Part No Description
23-22576 12’ Straight
23-22776 15’ Straight