Headquartered in Troy, Mich., United States, Meritor is a leading global supplier of drivetrain, mobility, braking and aftermarket solutions for commercial vehicle and industrial markets. With more than a 100-year legacy of providing innovative products that offer superior performance, efficiency and reliability, the company serves commercial truck, trailer, defense, specialty and aftermarket customers around the world.

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Meritor STEELite X30™ brake drums

Built for Unsurpassed Performance on the Road

The Meritor STEELite™ Series brake drum is the industry leader, combining weight savings and strength for increased payload and fuel economy.


Performance Advantages:

  • The industry leader; delivers higher vehicle payloads and fuel economy* with proven durability
  • Reduces vehicle weight by over 300 lbs in a typical tandem-axle tractor/trailer combination**
  • Exclusive one-piece patented roll-formed steel drum provides a 15 percent to 20 percent weight savings vs. standard cast drums
  • Superior durability vs. competitive lightweight composite drums

* The fuel savings described here are estimates only. Actual fuel savings may vary, and will depend on a variety of factors beyond Meritor’s control, including load, vehicle type, driver performance, distance traveled, vehicle speed, road conditions, etc.
** As compared with full-cast drums with 16.5" x 5" front brakes and 16.5" x 8 5/8" tandem rear and trailer brakes.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces maintenance with a one-piece design that eliminates weld seams, for long operating life
  • Ideal for tanker/trailer applications and freight hauling
  • Allows customers to haul more weight at the 23,000-lb gross vehicle weight (GVW) rating while providing full FMVSS 121 compliance
  • Designed for tractor and trailer applications across standard and high duty cycles
  • Compatible with most popular wheel-end configurations and axle ratings
  • Broad availability as original equipment and aftermarket replacement

For additional information visit www.meritor.com/lod and search the following publication numbers:
SP-0866 : SP-1522

Meritor lined brake shoes with PlatinumShield™ III coating


Meritor Approved MA212 lining provides outstanding friction stability without sacrificing lining or drum wear. MA212 is the standard friction on Meritor trailer axles and is the lining of choice for many vehicle manufacturers. It is recommended for truck, tractor, trailer and school bus applications.

Meritor lined brake shoes with PlatinumShield™ III coating



At Meritor, we continue to invest in our PlatinumShield technology to improve performance and durability. Meritor engineers are continually conducting research and testing to discover ways to improve our PlatinumShield coating process. The result is PlatinumShield III, our third-generation coating with advanced engineering that maximizes resistance to rust-jacking.

In developing PlatinumShield III coating, our aftermarket engineering team discovered a refinement in the process that provides superior adhesion of the coating to the surface of the shoe. Superior adhesion enables the coating to protect the brake shoe for a significantly longer time on the road, increasing the shoe’s durability to withstand the corrosion caused by highway de-icing chemicals. The result is a quantum leap in technological performance that creates a new standard of brake-shoe durability. PlatinumShield III coating provides unsurpassed resistance to rust-jacking and corrosion while extending the life of your brakes.

For additional information visit www.meritor.com/lod and search the following publication numbers:
SP-9959 : SP-0973 : PB-8857OE

Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS™) by P.S.I.


With MTIS by P.S.I., payback is possible within one year. It’s such a smart investment that fleets across the country are spec’ing it on new trailers and retrofitting it on existing trailers. The fact that MTIS by P.S.I. is so much easier to retrofit than other products makes installing the system a virtual no-brainer.


Features and Benefits

  • Extends tire life
    • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies show a 10 percent longer tire life with tire inflation systems
      • Underinflation negatively affects both new tires and retreads
      • Continuous inflation prevents early retreading – reduces overall fleet tire costs
      • Helps preserve tire casting for maximum retreading
  • Increases fuel economy
    • Proper tire pressure means better fuel economy
    • Proven 1.4 percent average improvement in fuel economy per vehicle based on a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) real-world study on tire inflation systems
  • Decreases fleet maintenance costs
    • Less time spent on manual pressure checking and filling
    • Longer intervals between retreads
  • Improves safety
    • Prevents underinflation, which is the leading cause of tire blowouts
    • Reduces the risk of road accidents caused by underinflation
    • Delivers real-time warnings of tire issues
  • Reduces roadside assistance calls
    • In most cases, it keeps tires inflated until the driver reaches a maintenance location, which reduces service calls and unplanned downtime
    • Reduces blowouts
  • Provides over-the-road pressure maintenance
  • Compatible with satellite communication services
  • Optional in-cab PLC Display from Meritor WABCO – to signal a warning to the driver when the system detects a leak

For additional information visit www.meritor.com/lod and search the following publication numbers:
SP-0668 :  PB-9999 :  MM-14P Payback calculator link

Meritor WABCO and Meritor AllFit air system portfolio

Full-Spectrum Coverage with Proven, Reliable Products.

The comprehensive Meritor® air system portfolio offers your customers the best-quality air system products to match the life-cycle stage of their vehicle. From Meritor WABCO Genuine and Meritor AllFit, to Meritor Green and Meritor WABCO remanufactured products, our portfolio delivers the right products to help your customers get exactly what they need.


Your customers deserve quality products they can rely on for the long haul. Why risk that performance with look-alike products. Trust Meritor to deliver products that provide proven dependability on the road, day-in and day-out.

Genuine Products.

Together Meritor and Meritor WABCO have built a legacy of providing superior products to the commercial vehicle industry. Meritor WABCO Genuine air system products are the same as those used on a new vehicle build. For customers who want to maintain the performance of their vehicle with genuine OEM replacement products, Meritor is the only supplier to offer Meritor WABCO Genuine air system products.

All-Makes Alternatives.

For uncompromising quality and low cost of operation, Meritor offers its AllFit line of air system products. Designed to deliver lasting value as a high-quality non-Meritor WABCO aftermarket alternative, the Meritor AllFit air system offering is manufactured to our design and engineering standards. Don’t take chances on products that just don’t measure up. Stock Meritor AllFit air system parts for optimum performance and a better bottom line for your customers.

Remanufactured Options.

If your customer’s vehicle has progressed in ownership and age, the best air system replacement option might be a remanufactured part. Meritor offers Meritor WABCO Genuine remanufactured air dryers as well as Meritor Green remanufactured OE air dryers and cartridges. Both remanufactured offerings are built with genuine components utilizing remanufacturing processes and validation testing that ensure high quality, durability and performance at significant cost savings.

For additional information visit www.meritor.com/lod and search the following publication numbers:
SP-16111 :  PB-8857AS