Why Rent?

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When you rent, you enjoy the freedom of not having any specific equipment obligations. Your rental ends when you return the trailer. Commercial trailer rental is an excellent way to handle your seasonal or unexpected peak business periods as well as helping you control your trailer fleet growth in a cost effective way.

Increase Borrowing Capacity

Trucking companies that rent a percentage of their trailers can find it easier to borrow and obtain needed capital. This results in a better ratio of assets to liabilities as the cost of rental trailers may not appear on the balance sheet (check with your tax advisor).

Conservation of Capital

Renting trailers frees up precious capital for other potentially more pressing needs rather than being tied up in a depreciating asset.

Cost Control

Better cost control is probable with rental trailers. Knowing the true ownership costs in trailers is sometimes difficult. Rental trailers offer you one accountable cost figure for the cost and maintenance, shown at the bottom of the invoice.

New Business

Opportunities occur very quickly in the trucking industry. Rental trailers give you the ability to react quickly to your customers, and your trailer needs. Rental trailers can give you the time and buffer to evaluate a new piece of business and its profitability.

Disposal Costs

We all know that trailers do reach a point of diminishing returns. The cost of maintenance and image can start to exceed the value of the trailers. Rental trailers are a great way to allow you to sell your trailers at the right price without disrupting your operations.

Seasonal Demands

Stoughton Lease can help you with all of your seasonal demand needs. Flex up or Flex down, we will be there for you with late model quality trailers.