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Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

Collision damage waiver, offered by Stoughton Lease, is another way to save you time, effort and most importantly, money. CDW is not insurance, but a release of responsibility for some damage to the trailer that occurs from an accident. It also covers theft. Some real advantages are:

  • No long settlement periods: All you have to do is file a police report, pay your deductible and the billing stops and you get a replacement trailer.
  • No waiting for insurance adjusters: It will take some time for the insurance adjuster to come out and inspect the trailer while the rental clock is ticking. It is also possible that the settlement that is offered by the insurance company will not cover the full amount of the fair market value of the rental trailer. With CDW you do not have to worry about gap insurance or long administration time.
  • Cash Flow: We know how important cash flow is to a transportation company. With our Collision Damage Waiver, charges are billed every month. You do not have to accrue for a large physical damage bill every year. It’s easy.

Protected Trailer Parking

Do you need a secure place to drop a trailer for a day, week, or month? Stoughton Lease can offer you just such a place. We have secured parking spaces for rental at our branch locations. These lots are fenced and secure. Should you require this service, please contact your local Stoughton Lease location.

Delivery and Pickup

Do you need your trailer fast, or are short of drivers? Stoughton Lease can deliver and pick up your trailers to and from any location in your city as well as the entire country. Contact your local Stoughton Lease branch for details.

24-hour Emergency Breakdown Service

At Stoughton Lease we understand how important it is to be able to get up and running as fast as possible after a breakdown. That is why Stoughton Lease offers 24 hour assistance nationwide.