Stoughton Lease Return and Repair Guidelines

All Body Panels

The largest a patch is allowed would be any configuration that would be no more than 324 square inches. Damaged areas larger than 324 square inches will require a full panel replacement. Do not exceed two patches on a panel.

Minimum heights of 6” are acceptable, with a maximum not to exceed 30” on the radius panel. Please use only hard buck rivets when repairing all body panels and sections. Sections will need to start at the top or bottom of the panel.

Nose, Bottom and Top Rails

Rail sections are acceptable. We require the section start from the front or rear of the rental trailer. If two rails are sectioned, they need to be at least 6 feet apart and cannot end within the middle 10 feet of the trailer.  A maximum of two sections per rail is allowed.  All sections must be reinforced. Bottom rail reinforcements must be at least 4”x1/8 flat steel.   Mylar tape is required between any dissimilar metals. Front rail sections must end a minimum of 4 feet behind the center line of the landing gear.

Nose rail sections cannot be accepted. Any damaged siderail that exceeds 3/8 inch in depth will need to be sectioned.  Top rails under any circumstances cannot be straightened, section or repaired.

Roof and Bows

The largest allowable patch shall not exceed 1296 square inches. No patch can be larger in length than 6 feet. The total number of patches allowed in one roof is 8. Sections must start from the front or the rear of the rental trailer. Roof sections cannot end in the center of the trailer. Roofs needing more than 20 square feet of patches must be sectioned. Translucent roof patches and sections need to use 2” wide .050 aluminum cap strips.

A roof bow must be replaced if it is bent beyond reshaping, or if it is broken or cracked.

Swing Doors

Doors can be straightened, sectioned or replaced if needed. Small cuts less than one inch can be filled neatly with silicone.


Floors with less than 50% damage can be filled with approved floor filler. Over a 50% repair must be sectioned. Floor sections must cross at least 3 cross members. Adjoining sections must be staggered.

Cross Members

Cross members can be straightened as long as the flange is not pulled away from the floor. If the flange is pulled away from the floor or is torn, the cross member must be replaced. Cross members over the tandem may be sectioned if properly reinforced with six maximum, not to exceed three consecutive.


Any missing plywood lining sheets must be replaced with a full sheet of AC exterior grade plywood sheets

Rear Under ride Guard / ICC Bumpers

All repairs or replacement of an ICC bumper must meet the federal and TMC guidelines. All welding must be performed by a certified welder as per DOT standards.

Side Post

If the side post is cut or cannot be straightened, to their original shape they must be replaced.

Scuff Liner

Scuff that is torn or bent so it cannot be straightened, must be sectioned. All sections must start and end at the center of a side post.


If you are currently on a net/net lease, replacement tires should be comparable in brand to the original outbound tires. If a retread is used to replace an original tire, a casing value charge may be assessed. Tires need to be replaced before they reach the DOT minimum of 2/32nds.

Short term tractor trailer rentals or full service lease agreements, normal wear and tear on tires will be replaced by Stoughton Lease.

A tire repaired on the road without the notification of Stoughton Lease may lead to your company being responsible for the replacement. It is our intent that we service your normal tire wear issues during normal business hours. After business hours please call our Emergency Breakdown Service. 

Tires that need to be evaluated must be returned to the Stoughton Lease branch within in 45 days of the failure.