Why Lease?

As transportation businesses prepare to compete and grow in a challenging economy, many are searching for proven new ways to address their fluctuating trailer needs. The choice for many businesses is incorporating leasing into their rolling stock fleets. Stoughton Lease is proud to work with you on your overall fleet mix to find ways to maximize your flexibility and reduce fleet ownership costs.

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Develop the right fleet mix


Leasing gives you the ability to stagger and mix your trailer assets to arrive at the correct fleet mix. Stoughton Lease can help you develop a long term plan for your trailer assets. A right combination of purchased, leased and rented trailers can mean the difference in overall profitability.

Lower Monthly Payments

Lease payments can be lower than financing because you are only paying to use the trailer and not ultimately own it. Coupled with the benefits of no down payment, sales tax or licensing costs, it can be a very cost effective option.

Enhance Your Fleet

First impressions are everything. The look and dependability of your fleet is a reflection of your level of service. At Stoughton Lease we can help you increase your fleet's curb appeal as well as its dependability, while at the same time lowering your maintenance costs. With the newest, most damage resistant fleet in the industry, we would like to have the opportunity to talk with you.

Residual Risk

Reduce the risk of getting caught in an economic downturn with a fleet of owned trailers where the fair market value has diminished and the maintenance costs have increased. When you lease from Stoughton Rental and Leasing, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with older, high cost trailers.


At Stoughton Lease we can customize and tailor a Stoughton LeaseTM program that can offer you the additional flexibility of purchase options, early termination clauses, short and longer terms. We want to give you options, not dictate them to you.

Increase Borrowing Capacity

Trucking companies that rent a percentage of their trailers can find it easier to borrow and obtain needed capital (check with your financial advisor). This results in a better ratio of assets to liabilities as the cost of rental trailers may not appear on your balance sheet.

Conservation of Capital

Leasing Trailers frees up precious capital for other potentially more pressing needs rather than being tied up in a depreciating asset.

Lease Brand New Trailers

One of the benefits to Leasing a trailer from Stoughton Lease is that you can pick the type of trailer you want, and lease it. We can get the trailer you want, not the trailer that the other leasing companies think you should have. Some other advantages to leasing new trailers may be:

  • Increase your trailers' curb appeal.
  • Maintenance cost control
  • Improve the overall safety and reliability of your fleet.
  • Aid in compliance with government regulations such as CARB and CSA