Parts Ordering Shipping Guidelines

Weekly Order Due Date. Your Territory Sales Manager will advise you the day your stock order is due, as well as when any add-on orders must be submitted. You can submit your order any time you like prior to the deadline, or in smaller multiple orders, as long as the determined pre-paid amount is met in New Orders.

Pre-Paid Weekly Order. Your location has been assigned a dollar value to achieve pre-paid freight on the weekly stock run shipment. Your Territory Sales Manager will advise you of that amount. This amount is based on New Orders. Drop-Ship orders and back-orders do not count towards new Pre-Paid shipments.

Discrepancies. Contact Stoughton Parts Sales immediately when you learn of any discrepancy. Stocking orders from our warehouse are well documented. You will receive a packing list, a bill-of-lading, a color coded bill-of-lading matching the items on that bill, as well as vinyl label with your companies name on those items listed on that bill. We take photos of every load prior to shipment, and are able to clear up discrepancies quickly. As shipment via a parcel or LTL carrier is different. In order to place a claim with either type of carrier, we will need a copy of the shipping or freight bill where there is a notation of damage or a shortage. Be diligent and inspect every shipment for damage and item count. Any claim to Stoughton Parts Sales must be made within 30 days of the Invoice Date.

Backorders. Stoughton Parts Sales strives to have the highest order fill rate in the industry. In the event an item is backordered, that item will be shipped with the next available pre-paid weekly order when that item is received into Stoughton Parts Sales. If you wish to cancel an item on backorder, or wish to “fill or kill” your weekly order, inform your Territory Sales Manager. You are able to view the status of backordered items on our website.

Parcel Orders. Stoughton Parts Sales offers daily UPS Parcel shipping from our warehouse in Stoughton, WI. Orders must be placed prior to 2:00 PM Central time in order to ship the same day. All UPS Restrictions will be followed, including maximum length, width, and girth measurement. Stoughton Parts also offers Parcel shipments via Spee-Dee in select Midwestern States and Cities. Those orders must be placed prior to 12:00 PM Central time in order to ship the same day.

LTL Orders. Stoughton Parts Sales ships LTL type orders within 48 hours of receipt. Most regional and national LTL carriers will no longer accept break-bulk items longer than 12 feet in length, and those that will assess an oversize charge. Unless specified, Stoughton Parts will add the freight charges to your invoice (pre-pay and add). Should the items be shipped to you or another address you designate, the party receiving the items wishes to be billed directly by the carrier to their account (Collect). If the party that is receiving the items is not to be billed directly by the carrier, and neither are you, then we will need the name and address of the party to bill the freight to (Third Party).

Customer Pick Up. As a valued Stoughton Parts Sales customer, we strive to do our best to provide best-in-class service. We want to make sure your order pick up is as efficient as possible to minimize your wait time. Our updated procedure and timeline is below.

1.       Customer Pick Up orders placed by 4pm will be ready for pick up after 7am the following business day. Orders may be picked up between 7am and 4pm CST

2.       If you need to place a same-day pick up order, call or email the Inside Sales Tech team to ensure order receipt and inventory. We will commit to having the order ready within 4 hours. Same day order cut off is Noon.

3.       Inside Sales Tech Support contact: 1-800-227-5391 or

Questions? Consult your Territory Sales Manager, or the Stoughton Parts Sales Inside Technical Sales Team for assistance at 800-227-5391 or