Damage Annoyance Policy

We Prevent Damage, We Don’t Profit From It

At Stoughton Lease we know how you feel about damage rebills. We also know that the rental and leasing industry has no one to blame but ourselves for how you feel. At Stoughton Lease we do not have sales gimmicks promising standardization of repairs, with no markups and no profit. Our philosophy is that we will do everything we can to not bill you back. We will not profit from our customers' misfortune. We do not want to bill you one cent for damages at the end of the rental period. We back this up by providing you with the toughest, most damage resistant trailers in the industry. Our trailer specifications are centered on preventing customer damage, not profiting from it. We will also never bill you for the following annoying damages at the end of the lease.

  • Plywood
  • Cuts in side skins smaller than 15 inches
  • Roof patches less than 15”x15”that are patchable
  • Cosmetic dents in top and bottom rail
  • Cross members not bent more than ¼”
  • Any scratch on any panel
  • Bottom rail rivets
  • Lights or lenses
  • Attaching scuff liner
  • Sweep outs
  • Transportation costs to and from repair facilities
  • Re fastening roof bows
  • Reattaching door seals
  • Broke or missing door holdbacks
  • Decal removal
  • And many, many more

At Stoughton Lease, we put the highest priority on the quality and fairness of the check in and check out process. Our branch employees put the highest priority on making sure that no mistakes or oversights occur during the checkout process. We realize that our reputation and your future business depend on it.